bourbon and brown sugar
bourbon and brown sugar
wander. feast. share. (repeat).

Welcome to round two of the Bourbon and Brown Sugar blog.

This spring, my first blog was hacked.  Twice in a week.  I blame the Ruskies.  (That would be a low-confidence assessment based on circumstantial evidence, but it's a good story.)

While I was able to recover much of the content of that blog, it was a coding mess, and I lost my entire subscription list.  I had been taking one of my occasional breaks from blogging while I had returned to teaching full time, and I thought it might be time to set it aside permanently.

But two weekends ago, my family and friends gathering from all over the country to celebrate my 50th(!) birthday.  I had requested a small, low-key gathering involving cocktails and tacos and cupcakes, but it morphed into a wonderful weekend long eat-a-thon.  I was struck by how many times our chats circled back to shared recipes, often pulled from the blog.

So, I took it as a sign that I should dive into re-creating Bourbon and Brown Sugar.  Using a platform that is less susceptible to hacking (she said hopefully.)   Truthfully, I missed the creativity of the blogging process. To my surprise, readers actually missed it too.  I didn't fully realize how much I was connecting with people (not just my mother) through my food and writing.  

So off we go... 

Here's the text from the "About" page of the original blog, if you'd like to know a bit more about me and how it all began:

Four years ago, after a particularly amusing annual Christmas letter had been mailed, I got several notes, comments, texts or tweets saying some form of: "That was hilarious! you should write a book!"  On other occasions, people have said to me (often with a Salted Alfajores Bar in their hand) “When are you going to open a bakery?”

(I should note some of these people are not actually blood relatives, or otherwise paid to say these nice things.)

Writing a book or opening a bakery both seemed rather ambitious, especially given the fact I love my day job as a school media specialist (that would be the hip 2017 title for a children's librarian).  I struck upon writing a blog to fuel the creative and culinary corners of my brain.

That was four years ago.

It was a rather grand idea.  I loved that blog.  

On the first version of Bourbon and Brown Sugar, I shared my favorite recipes and travel tips and reminisced a bit about my crazy, unpredictable life through food (this food-focused life has included extensive travel and multi-year stints in Brazil and London… and has been influenced by the real chef in the family, my brother John).

A few facts, if you’re into that sort of thing:

Day Job: School Librarian/Media Specialist at a PreK-8 school.  I love spending my day inspiring hobbit-sized humans to love reading. 

Fueled by: Coffee. Lots of it. Often from Baked and Wired.

My literary weakness:  Cookbooks.  I’m hopeless… I have dozens and dozens of them. But it's possible I have more children’s picture books.

On a rainy day, I head to: Politics and Prose.

Favorite International Destination: London. Specifically Borough Market.  Even more specifically, Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market.  Or perhaps Buenos Aires. Or Melbourne.

Most Obscure Place I’ve Been: Noaukchott. (Mauritania). Long story.

Favorite US City (beyond DC): Chicago. Specifically Hyde Park and the Fulton Market neighborhood.

Favorite Restaurants in DC: Et Voila1789Del CampoLe DiplomateRose’s Luxury and Masseria.

Favorite Foods:  This changes constantly, but among my favorites (in no particular order) are dulce de leche, empanadas, fresh baked cookies and/or brownies, spaghetti bolognese, and my brother’s moqueqa.

About the name:

Bourbon and Brown Sugar.  Honestly, I decided upon it on a whim. I liked the ring. I have a crumpled 10-year-old recipe from Cooking Light titled Bourbon and Brown Sugar Flank Steak that is rather fabulous. Not only is bourbon a favorite drink, but Bourbon Steak is one of my favorite restaurants in DC (bit of a splurge but practically perfect in every way.  I mean, they serve truffled mac and cheese and duck-fat fries - what else is there in life?), and who doesn't love Brown Sugar? In everything?  Oh, and now, people bring me bottles of bourbon when they come round for dinner… which is kinda brilliant.

Thanks for joining my adventure!

MB Manion Morell 

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached on: